FEIN invented the first electric hand drill, thus revolutionizing existing methods work. To this day, drills, impact drills and drills FEIN are of high quality.

 Available in various sizes and shapes, drilling diameter up to 38 mm, precise adjustment of the rotational speed to the material - FEIN drills leave nothing to be desired. They have an ergonomic shape, are lightweight and easy to use and almost indestructible, and therefore are especially suitable for professional use. An optimized set of accessories and special parts system even more explicitly emphasize the competence and experience.


FEIN has an ergonomic and innovative power tools for grinding. In many output classes from 280 to 3700 W, also to work hard continuously, eg in foundries, in the construction of steel structures and ships. From handy, compact angle grinders, a very powerful angle grinders and straight grinders wide selection until after an extensive program of high-frequency grinders.




More information:
Łukasz Rosinski - Manager of Department

phone: + 48 665 865 150
l.rosinski@ konport.pl

Marcin Szymczak - Trader
phone: + 48 693 660 419