Cubitron II

Abrasive Belts 3M ™ Cubitron ™ II raised the bar grinding and performance with breakthrough technology that sets a new standard for speed sanding belt strength and surface finish.

• Up to 30% faster machining difficult-to-machine metals, as compared to the best competitive with traditional embankment belt.

• Up to 4 times more durable than conventional ceramic strips.

• With the addition of refrigerating contained eliminates excessive heat reducing overheating of the workpiece.

The secret of the revolutionary performance of new lanes Cubitron II lies in their triangular abrasive grains. Thus formed, the grains are sharp, wear out very evenly, thus the work precisely and machined surface overheated. These self-sharpening abrasive grain during grinding create new, sharp edges.

Thus is eliminated the risk of damage associated with the workpiece under the influence of temperature and discoloration. Since abrasive grains and continually sharpened Cubitron II chilled belt to withstand 4 times longer compared to a conventional ceramic grain belt.




More information:

Łukasz Rosinski - Manager of Department
phone: + 48 665 865 150

Marcin Szymczak - Trader
phone: + 48 693 660 419