Flap discs 3M

Name Grain Shape Size Gradation Application
577F cyrkon tilt and flat 115, 125 P40, P60, P80 black steel, non-ferrous metals
947D Cubitron tilt 115, 125 P60, P80 INOX, non-ferrous metals
556D cyrkon tilt and flat 115, 125, 150, 180 P40, P60, P80 INOX, non-ferrous metals
747D Cubitron tilt and flat 115, 125 P36, P50, P60, P80, P120 INOX, non-ferrous metals
 SC-FD włóknina flat 115, 125 ACRS, AMED, AVFN INOX

Flap Discs (lamellar disks) are a new product that combines the properties of grinding wheels for grinding (fleksow) of corundum and properties Finisher surface by abrasive cloth. As a result, flap wheels replaces the two products at the same time, the grinding wheel and discs with emery cloth. Leaves with emery cloth overlapping are glued to a semi-rigid substrate with plastic or glass reinforced plastic. During operation, the abrasive material from the lower layers automatically replaces worn, which greatly increases the service life in comparison to single discs with emery cloth.


  • peeling and grinding (polishing) suture welding in one operation,
  • chamfering and edge ogradowywanie
  • removing rust and paint,
  • chamfering the edges of the weld,
  • all work services for surface finishing.





Flap discs grind equally well as ordinary steel and stainless steel. Are also used successfully for hard materials, such as carbon steel and soft as aluminum, plastic and wood.


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