Non-woven abrasives in roll

Universal material for surface finishing, preparation primer, removing the oxidized layer and light rust. Ideal for hard to reach places, such as closing doors or engine compartment, where the traditional paper may tear, as well as spot repair systems with base coat and clear lacquer.

Types of non-wovens:

HD-RL woven Heavy Duty very aggressive, very durable and resistant to tearing and high pressures, with a homogeneous structure, provides reproducible effect

GP-RL-resistant and elasyczna nylon construction for professional use in the treatment manual,

CWR-RL soft, flexible design for hand, homogeneous embankment in the entire volume of the non-woven, fast and efficient work, due to the high concentration of abrasive grains,

CWO-RL double sharp embankment, more aggressive than CW, durable, tear resistant, with a homogeneous structure, provides fast results with minimal pressure,

CWM-RL aggressive, very durable, resistant to tear and wear than CW and CWO, with a homogeneous structure, provides reproducible results. Perfect for cleaning operations and finishing machine, to work at high speed and under high pressure, brushes, discs,

CW-RL fleece Standard,

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