Roloc discs

Hard-mount Roloc

Greben XZ6 - embankment Zirconia + bonus cooling, rigid backing Y. versatile material suitable for wood and metal, 3 inches.

Greben B7 - embankment of microscopic ceramic grains + bonus cooling, rigid backing Y, characterized by strong edges. The material recommended for stainless steel, titanium and nickel alloys, 3 inches.

Greben ACRS, AMED, AVFN, SFN - made ​​of elastic nonwoven of spatial structure. Material intended for cleaning, polishing or grinding of the final steel and metals, three inches.

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Łukasz Rosinski - Manager of Department
phone: + 48 665 865 150
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Marcin Szymczak - Trader
phone: + 48 693 660 419
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