Sanding sponge SIA

Name Size (mm) Grain
1748 SIAREXX FINE 0115x0140 P150 - P400

Intermediate sanding coatings, grinding ground and putty, sanding the final profiles and shapes. Reduced sizing of the abrasive.
Backing paper.

Name Size (mm) Grain
1950 SIASPEED SIASOFT 0115x0140 P150 - P400

Very efficient abrasive for sanding putty, polyester gelcoat, hard species of wood and wood-based materials. Removing rust and flaws. Masking paint. Collects large excesses of consistent quality. Occurs on the backing paper and foil (high grit).

Name Size (mm) Grain
2951 SIASOFT 0115x0140 P80 - P220

Grinding preliminary and final arches and profiles, grinding ground and filler, intermediate sanding arches and profiles. The usefulness of the brush heads. Backing cloth.

Name Size (mm) Grain
Double sanding sponge 97 x 120 x 12 P36 - P180


  • Preparation of elements for painting
  • Cut interop coats of paints and varnishes
  • Machining of contoured, curved and flat
  • Removal of minor paint defects
  • Cut the final elements after launching
  • Perfect surface quality thanks to the sponge evenly decaying pressure
  • It does not przeszlifowan the treatment of coats of paint and varnishes
  • Very soft undercoat perfectly adapts to the shape of the workpiece
  • Can be used on dry and wet
  • The special construction of the embankment reduces the sizing


Name Size (mm) Grain
Four sized sanding sponge 68x97x27 P36 - P180

  • Very aggressive and durable
  • It gives a uniform level of scratches
  • The special construction of the embankment reduces the sizing
  • Can be easily cleaned of dust with compressed air or water


  • Processing of paints, fillers and varnishes
  • Preparing the surface of wood, metal and plastic for painting
  • Cut interop paint on surfaces, plates and delicate curves
  • Removing paint defects
Name Size (mm) Grain
One-sized sanding sponge 0115x0140x5 P280, P500, P800 P1000, P1500

Sponge ALOX embankment on the ground of medium hardness. Flexibility and stability shape allows for sanding both surfaces flat and profiled.

Name Size (mm) Grain
Four-sized shape sponge 68x97x27 P100

The shape of the pad facilitates precise machining of hard to reach places. Especially useful for the production of windows and doors. Appropriately selected PUR rigid foam embankment ALOX fixed with a flexible resin.



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