3M Shields

  • aloxite grinding and cutting of stainless steel and its alloys and mild steels
  • Alumina plain grinding and cutting of steel and its alloys
  • silicon carbide for grinding and cutting cast iron, non-ferrous metals, stone and ceramic construction
  • fine grinding wheels for hard and brittle materials
  • coarse grinding wheels for soft materials and plastic
  • Hard grinding wheels for soft, thin-walled cutting steel profiles and sheets
  • Soft grinding wheels for hard materials for cutting rails and profiles of solid section








Marking colors:

  • blue - cutting discs and grinding of steel and its alloys,
  • green - cutting discs and grinding stone, building ceramics, cast iron and non-ferrous metals
  • color orange - discs for cutting and polishing stainless steel and its alloys and mild steel.





More information:

Łukasz Rosinski - Manager of Department
phone: + 48 665 865 150

Marcin Szymczak - Trader
phone: + 48 693 660 419