Filter cartridges

3M essential technologies in the field of membrane filtration, depth filters, pleated filters, filters with the possibility of washing, bag filters and self-cleaning filters. With such a diversity of products we are able to filter most liquids and gases used in all possible industries.

Most filters has been tested by 3M Food and Drug Agency (FDA called), this means that they can be used in food industry and pharmaceutical industry. More detailed descriptions of the various types of filters you will find when you choose interesting model from the menu on the left.


3M offers its business partners a global technical support. SASS (Scientific Applications Support Services) scientists and highly qualified engineers who act as a link between clients and the research and development department.

Specialists in conducting tests in a laboratory and transferring the results of these tests to full scale industrial meet the demands and needs of clients on a wide market filtration. When a new issue process, a team of technical and scientific support identifies the correct solutions using a wide range of existing filtration products 3M. With the support SASS engineers are also able to identify the problem and find a solution through the implementation of rapid tests on a laboratory scale.

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