Candle filter cartridges and filter capsule Betapure establish the standard in performance filtration processes. These filters as compared to competitive filters on the market, have a wider range of gradations to ensure absolute filtration. Controlled pore size filter media filters Betapure provides excellent separation between the outbreaks that achieve the most accurate filtering for specific the accuracy of filtration.

Patented filter Betapure provides:

  • Precise removal of contaminants
  • Stable quality of the filtrate
  • longer life

Betapure filters are available in 18 different gradations, which provides absolute filtration in the range from 2 to 190 microns allowing you to adjust the level of separation, so you can achieve the desired quality of the filtrate without the need for contributions of too small diameter cut-off, which in turn affects the lower operating costs of the process . The specially developed production process filters Betapure combines advanced control system Output of components, precise control of the manufacturing process and a wide range of a test of the final product. As a result, the product is obtained, which ensures a stable level of filtration for any criminal contribution of sawing party.


  • Surface coverage - the magnetic carriers, high-quality paint, thin film coating, resins and inks.
  • Electronic components - filtration before reverse osmosis, aqueous suspensions Abrasives, Abrasive ceramic slurry, mechanical polishing and chemical, manufacturing picture tubes, cleaning disks.
  • Industry ogolny - desalination, chemical coating, coolant filtration, process water.
  • Chemical / petrochemical industry - process water, protection systems reverse osmosis filtration amines, high-filtration of chemicals and of methyl-tert-butyl ether (MTBE).
  • Food and Beverage - bottled water, filtration before reverse osmosis, water with additives, water washing.
  • The pharmaceutical industry - water, solvents, chemicals, filtration before reverse osmosis, indirect filtration stages in the production of antibiotics.
Features Benefits Benefits
Absolute Filtration Stable and reproducible contaminant removal efficiency Lets meet the quality requirements of the filtrate force in today's market realities, absolute filtration ensures a stable product and ensures high productivity.
The rigid structure Eliminates the bypass filter and a secondary release of the captured contaminants in order to ensure stable filtration from the beginning to the end of the process. The rigid structure of the filtration layer allows the behavior of the solid material, pore diameter, even in an extremely harsh conditions of filtration. Changing conditions of filtration, as fluctuations in the flow, stop and resume the flow or filtration at high pressure on the cartridge will have minimal or no impact on the quality of the final product.
Depth Filtration Outstanding particle removal efficiency improves the quality of the filtrate. Depth filtration helps remove particles deformable general by reducing the need to repeat the process or risk rejection of product quality reasons.
Patented seal type Eliminates bypass by weak or damaged seals. A critical factor in each of the filtration process is the elimination of all bypass the filter. Patented sealing of polyethylene foam ensures proper sealing when using enclosures using seal cutter.
The lower pressure drop Provides long life cartridge by using a smaller filter housings. Minimizing the flow resistance affects a significant reduction in the cost of filtration. Lower pressure drops shall mean a longer life for the cartridge, the filter bandwidth and better allow for the use of a smaller total number of cartridges in order to achieve the same flow rate at a given pressure drop.
Available in the form of standardoych candle and filter capsules Filters appropriately selected for a particular application provide decidedly reduce the cost of filtration, including the purchase and installation costs of disposal of used cartridges. Contributions from a wide range of sizes allows for appropriate selection of the parti throughput for a batch process, and continuous.

Gradations filters

3M ™ uses the so-called multi-parameter characterization (MPC), which in contrast to the one-point evaluation determines the effectiveness of filtering for different diameters of pollution at a time and assess the contribution pyłochłonnosc. Measured parameters include the number of particles, turbidity lowering efficacy and effectiveness of filtration.

Gradation Betapure Filter (polyolefin)

Gradation  Filtration (μm)  Gradation  Filtration (μm) 
Absolute Nominal Absolute Nominal
Z13 - 020 2 0.2 B11 20 5
Z13 - 030 3 0.3 C11 30 10
Z13 - 050 5 0.5 E11 40 20
Z11 - 060 6 0.6 G11 70 30
Z11 - 070 7 0.7 L11 90 50
Z11 - 080 8 0.8 Q11 100 75
Z11 - 100 10 0.9 V11 140 100
Z11 - 120 12 1 W11 160 150
Z11 - 150 15 3 X11 190 175

Gradation Betapure Filter (poliester)

Gradation  Filtration (μm) 
Absolute Nominal
A12 8 0.2
B12 20 0.3
C12 30 0.5
E12 40 0.6
G12 70 0.7