Patented filter system is an advanced solution DuoFLO alternative to standard bag filters. The system consists of a layer of filter with variable porosity, whose filtration area has been increased by 62%.

Compared to the standard felt bag filters, filters DuoFLO characterized by:

  • extended to four times the working time
  • outstanding performance over the removal of pollutants
  • increased allowable fluid flow rate through the filter element
  • reduced fluid losses associated with frequent exchanges of filter elements (stoppage of production, utilization and labor costs)

Filter DuoFLO in a simple way modifies most of the existing housing bag filters.


  • Surface-electrodeposition coatings, paints, coatings, dispersions, paper coating agent, adhesives, paints for automotive, industrial paints, printing inks, resins, coatings coils.
  • Industry propert-washing parts, paper production, cooling water, groundwater, wastewater, hydraulic fluids, wetting liquid, coolant machine, transformer oil.
  • Chemical acids, chemicals, process water, alcohols, glycols, fuel, recovery of the catalyst, resins, bases, esters, silicones, aerosol products, mineral oils, waxes, solvents.
  • Petrochemical industry-additives for fuels, glycols, oils, lubricants, distillates, recovery of oils, amines, fuel injected fluids.
  • Food and Beverage-vegetable oil, syrup, edible oils, beverages, wines, spirits groceries, fruit juices, beer, honey, fructose syrup, syrups, vinegar, liquid sugar, bottled water, gelatin, ready to eat tea, energy drinks.
  • The pharmaceutical industry-recovery catalyst, extracts of vitamins, chemical components for the production of pharmaceuticals, solutions Public drugs, solvents, active pharmaceuticals, components, removal of carbon, water production systems, liquid eyes, tonics.
  • The electronics industry-pickle bath, water processing / filtration before reverse osmosis, production of CD / DVD, photochemical substances, solvents, PCB production
  • Filtration of water-cooling water, process water, water from the glider, groundwater, wastewater, filtration before reverse osmosis.