Series LifeAssure the whole family filter cartridges and capsules for very fine filtration of both liquids and gases process. In a series of LifeAssure find both the membrane and the contributions made ​​in advanced technology pleating (Advanced Pleat Technology-APT). Contributions LifeAssure provide sterile filtration absolute starting at 0.1 microns, allows it to meet most customer requirements.

Typical applications include:
-drinking water, different applications in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food
-beer, wine, bottled water, juices, soft drinks, syrups
-pure water,
-compressed air in contact with the product, aeration air tanks for the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, chemical
-air aeration autoclaves, lyophilizers
Air for the purpose of the fermentation process
-filtration of nitrogen or other gases used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, electronics.

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