• Paints, varnishes, solvent recovery.
  • Drinking water.
  • Pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries.
  • Process water.
  • Photographic emulsions.
  • Grinding and polishing suspensions.
  • Inks and dyes.
  • Plastics.
  • The organic solvents (alcohols, ketones, esters, ...), and hydrocarbons.
  • Magnetic Carrier.
  • The right contribution to the specific application
  • Production technology of Micro-Klean cartridges allows you to achieve the rigid structure of the filter and to obtain deep nature of the non-woven filtration to ensure optimal filtration parameters at all times filter for excellent efficiency and capture dirt particles. The range of mixtures, with which it may be made ​​a contribution Micro-Klean allows for an appropriate solution for every client application:
  • Configuration 2
  • This design combines cellulose reinforced plastic and melamine resins. Non-woven fabric made ​​entirely of cellulose meets the requirements of the FDA. The contribution of this very well in applications related to filtration of liquid food, drinking water, cosmetics and beverages or for pre-filtration of pharmaceutical products. Such a contribution is sterile and does not leave any trace in the taste and smell of the filtered liquid.
  • Scenario 3
  • This design combines reinforced plastic cellulose and phenolic resins. These cartridges are recommended for filtration of factors strongly reducing, and stock solutions of pH range from medium to low. They are used for filtration of photographic emulsions, suspensions containing oxides of inks, process water, dyes, plastic substances and thinners.
  • Configuration 8
  • This design combines reinforced plastic, acrylic and phenolic resins. These contributions are contributions for general purposes, which can be used in virtually any application with the exception of applications relating to the filtration of drinking water and food products. These contributions have excellent chemical resistance to acids. They can be used for filtration of inorganic acids and salts of acids with concentrations of up to 10% at room temperature. They are also highly resistant to alkaline solutions at room temperature.
  • Szeroki zakres standardowych rozmiarów
    Proces produkcji wkładów Micro-Klean pozwala na wytworzenie praktycznie każdej konfiguracji elementu w celu dopasowania ich do większości istniejących obudów filtracyjnych.
    Wersja obustronnie otwarta (DOE)
    Dostępne są wielokrotne długości standardowych rozmiarów 9 3/4’’ oraz 10’’ w rozmiarze od 1 do 4 modułów. Ważne: wkłady o długości 40’’ mogą być związane (łączone) polipropylenem lub klejami epoksydowymi, co może obniżyć maksymalną temperaturę pracy wkładu. Wkłady o długości do 30’’ mogą występować jako wkłady integralne bez substancji wiążących (tylko dla składu 8) i są pożądane w aplikacjach, gdzie wymagana jest wysoka kompatybilność chemiczna. Wkłady obustronnie otwarte są dostarczane z uszczelnieniami płaskimi typu Volara lub bez uszczelek. Ten płaski typ uszczelki (typ NG) jest szczególnie zalecany do głębszej filtracji (dla 1 i 5 μm nominalnie).

Revision open ended (SOE)

  • Option B: Code 7 with O-ring type 226
  • Option C: Code 8 with O-ring type 222
  • Option F: Code 3 with O-ring type 222
  • Option R springs on top, with flat seal option or without. Ending B, C and F are available with the following types of ring seals: silicone, fluorocarbon rubber, EPR, nitrile, silicone coated PTFE, Viton coated with PTFE.

Special sizes and shapes to customer's request On request it is possible to produce cartridges with lengths up to 70''. All such contributions are made by gluing contributions of smaller lengths. The use of polypropylene binding reduces the maximum operating temperature contribution to 80 ° C.

  • Give correct gradation filter for each application

Replacement Filter Micro-Klean are available in a wide range of the accuracy of the nominal filtration to meet the requirements for standard filtration in most applications. Nominal filtration in the range from 1 micron to 150 microns offered by Micro-Klean cartridges allows both for use in filtration applications, provisional or final in various market segments (industry propert, food and Beverage, bioprocesowy and pharmaceuticals).

  • Micro-Klean filters for filtration of gases and air

If the air system is a very important part of the entire system is necessary to clean the air flow from the above types of pollution. Micro-Klean filters allowed the removal of moisture and solid contaminants from the flow of compressed gas. Full security system is possible when the filter is placed as close as possible the consumption of compressed air or gas. To you protect the system against the accumulation of impurities must also install a filter for the compressor. Filter will remove excess moisture and oil lengthening the time between replacements for other smaller filters placed in the air intake points.

Recycling cartridges

Replacement Filter Micro-Klean does not have a metal or plastic core. Can be burned, crushed or cut into small pieces in order to reduce costly disposal.

Rigid contribution of variable porosity

Replacement Filter Micro-Klean are manufactured using a special process, which allows you to produce structures with variable porosity as well as smooth and clean the inner surface of the layer. Each fiber is held in place by controlled thermal bonding process with resin eliminating the need for the inner core of metal or plastic. Larger particles are trapped in the outer region of the filter layer and the smaller dirt particles are removed along with their penetration into the deeper layers of the filter.

Filter surface area

Replacement Filter Micro-Klean is characterized by a unique pattern grooves, which increase the surface area of filtration of more than 65% in comparison with the contributions of smooth cylindrical walls. Grooved surface prevents premature locking the outer part of the filter element by larger particles of pollution and makes full use of the submerged structure of the cartridge. The maximum filtration area of the filter cartridge Micro-Klean variable porosity can provide at least three prolongation intervals in comparison with filter cartridges competitors.

Technical Specification Micro-Klean filters

  • Filter Configuration MK Nominal Accuracy Filtration (μm) Number gradation and filter formulation  Type fiber filter Resin bonding
    2 1 Y2 Cellulose/glass Melamine
    3 A2 Cellulose/glass
    5 B2 Cellulose
    25 F2 Cellulose
    50 L2 Cellulose
    3 3 A3 Cellulose/glass Fenolmine
    5 B3 Cellulose
    25 F3 Cellulose
    50 L3 Cellulose
    8 1 Y8 Akrylic Fenolmine
    3 A8 Akrylic
    5 B8 Akrylic
    10 C8 Akrylic
    25 F8 Akrylic
    50 L8 Akrylic
    75 Q8 Akrylic
    100 V8 Akrylic/Rayon
    125 W8 Akrylic/Rayon
    150 X8 Akrylic/Rayon

Process parameters

  • The maximum operating temperature
  • The standard 100 ° C for configuration 2
  • The standard 120 ° C for the 3 and 8
  • When using a polyethylene gasket 93 ° C
  • Modifications using the endings of polypropylene: 82 ° C
  • The maximum pressure drop on the filter cartridge: 4.8 bar @ 82 ° C
  • The decrease in the pressure at which the cartridge replacement is recommended: 2.4 bar
  • Dimensions (nominal)
  • Inner diameter: 26.9 mm
  • Outer Diameter: 65.9 mm
  • The length of the cartridge: 9 3/4 "to 40" (from 248 to 1016 mm)
  • Unusual cartridges lengths available on request