Filter cartridges ZetaCarbon

Flush filter cartridges in the form of bellows members or plates belonging to the type of Zeta Plus filters.
Catching impurities takes place by adsorption on activated carbon and additionally an electrokinetic adsorption by the positively charged filter media.
Activated carbon particles are not released from the filter matrix.
Design: cellulose fibers bearing powdered activated carbon bonded positively charged resins.
The material used for the production conforms with the FDA for the application in the pharmaceutical industry, food industry.

Available diameters contributions bellow: 8,12, and 16 "
Maximum operating temperature: 80 ° C
Maximum differential pressure: 2 bar
Recommended fluid flow: 1.5 - 3 L/min/m2
Sterilization: 121 º C - 30 min

Typical applications include:
-discoloration during the production of vitamins, antibiotics, enzymes, intravenous fluids
-removal of endotoxins
-discoloration during plasma fractionation, purification of vaccines and forms of active
-removal of pesticides from plant extracts
-discoloration of solvents, detergents removal
-removing unwanted odors in the production of cosmetics, perfumes discoloration
-removal of trace amounts of organic compounds with gelatin, pectins, edible oils, fruit juices or
-purifying spirits

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