Housing HF

High Flow filter housings specifically designed for high-performance process on a very limited space. There are standard housing, but also in special configurations tailored to the specific needs of the user. All standard filter housings are designed High Flow manufactured, tested and coded as Group 2, Category 1 according to PED 97/23/EC. The outer surface of the housing of stainless steel was subjected to blasting to achieve surface easy to clean. HF enclosures are available in different sizes, which allows you to install from 1 to 7 filter elements with lengths 40 "and also 60". Larger enclosures are available on special order. Depending on the needs of the housing are also available in horizontal and vertical setting. The horizontal configuration allows to maximize ease of use, and the vertical configuration allows you to limit the necessary space.


Acids and bases, coolant machine, amines, reagents, electroplating solutions, desalination, waste water, glycol, water after the flood.

Specification standard enclosures

Specifications housing type 01 HF 03 HF 05 HF 07 HF
Diameter nominal (mm) 219 450 500 600
Housing material Stainless steel 316 L SS lub 304 SS Stainless steel 316 L SS lub 304 SS Stainless steel 316 L SS lub 304 SS Stainless steel 316 L SS lub 304 SS
Inlet and outlet (DIN) 40” DN 100 DN 150 DN 200 DN 250
-//- 60” DN 100 DN 200 DN 250 DN 300
The recommended maximum flow m 3/hr 40” 80 198** 352** 556
-//- 60” 113 339 556** 791
Connection vent valves 1/4”*** 1/2” 1/2” 1”
Connection drain valves 1/2”*** 1” 1” 2”
Max. pressure 10 bar g 10 bar g 10 bar g 10 bar g
Max. temperature 90° C 90° C 90° C 90° C

* Without the pressure drop on the cartridge
** Maximum flow rate based on the size of the nozzle
*** Only for vertical housing and with cap