Industrial aerosols

3M Spray Adhesives. Comfort, convenience and speed of use.

  • Spray 74 - foams, insulation materials and sound-proofing
  • Spray 75 - allows repositioning
  • Spray 76 - extended open time - to polyolefins (PP, PE), felt, cork
  • Spray 77 - Universal (for polystyrene, paper, textiles, etc.)
  • Spray 80 - contact (rubber, soft PVC, leather, laminates, etc.)
  • Spray 90 - polyolefin (for plastics laminates (HPL), wood, leather, metals).






Aerosol formulations for cleaning and maintenance:

  • Cleaner Spray - based cleaner citrus oils. Effectively removes uncured adhesives, adhesive tape residue, stains from grease, oil, dirt, chewing gum. Also available in a handy stick (Easy Clean Pen).
  • 5 Way Spray - universal preservative (eg, precision machinery), with a drying effect, prevents rust, cleans metal parts. Used as a lubricant to the threads in stainless steel and aluminum. Facilitates the movement of the slide.


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