The Scotch ATG is a very thin double-sided adhesive tape with a special structure (so-called adhesive film ATG) an applicator adapted for applying Scotch ATG ATG adhesive film 700 are ideal for so-called. lighter work such as assembly of shop windows, gluing decorative trims or glue product samples. They have been designed to be able to use them to stick a variety of (often difficult to glue) materials, such as wood, metal, paper, cardboard, fabric, foam and some plastics (including polyethylene and polypropylene). Thanks membranes adhesive Scotch ATG can get strong, durable connection, resistant to solvents, UV radiation and high temperatures. There is also a film of adhesive bonding strength of various loads on both sides (weak / strong) - it is possible to mount product samples, promotional materials, posters, etc. so that can later be removed intact.


  • Advertising - gluing photos, letters, items, posters, mount samples of products, interior, shop windows and fair, wklejki magazines, cardboard stands advertising materials.
  • Manufacture of furniture and clothing - sticking trims and decorative, bonding instead of basting before stitching, gluing fabric samples to templates, fixing the beginning of the bale fabric
  • Electronics - positioning of parts before soldering, gluing rubber gaskets and damping elements
  • Printing, bookbinding - bonding folders, greeting cards, mount the beginning of the roll of paper, "fancy stationery": briefcases, stencils, etc.
  • Packaging - Mounting labels and documents, pasting "stiffeners" Styrofoam carton, closure of small boxes, paste, foam inserts for boxes and caskets.


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