VHB double sided tapes

Tapes VHB (Very High Bond) is an alternative to other mechanical connections (eg bolts, screws, rivets, etc.). By using unique and innovative technology acrylics, VHB tapes have very high mechanical strength and resistance to external factors. They are used to join metal, glass, plastics, composites.


  • strong and durable connection
  • there is no need for welding or drilling
  • do not need to grind or otherwise finish the connection
  • connection is not visible
  • damping
  • aesthetics connection
  • tightness
  • resistance to chemicals and UV
  • the application does not need special tooling
  • rapid assembly process
  • lower labor costs
  • excellent for joining metals, plastics, glass
  • allow the combination of materials with different properties (metal with the material of the glass or a metal)
  • Compensation stresses resulting from differences in thermal expansion coefficients


Examples of use:

Means of transport:

Attaching the outer shell of buses, trucks, rail vehicles, no drilling, screwing, welding. The construction is tight, corrosion-resistant tape dampens vibrations and surface plating is perfectly equal. VHB tape is used in the construction of ships, aircraft ...


VHB tape is heat transfer properties - can be used to attach heat sinks. Combines, seals, reduces shocks and protects printed circuits - Enclosed underwater camera.

Labelling and advertising:

VHB tapes are used for the installation of traffic signs, billboards, panels. Ideal withstand extreme weather conditions: winds, high and low temperatures, precipitation.


Installation of window mullions. Bonding glass or metal façade panels.


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