Specialized tapes

Polyester tapes

  • The thin carrier layer - For many applications, such as connecting elements in the joint, the thickness of the strip is a key factor. The polyester base layer tape potent achieve minimum thickness of 0.025 mm, even while maintaining high strength.
  • Tensile strength - often when a thin layer is required and its high extensibility, polyester tape is most appropriate. When the tensile strength from 350 N/100mm (layer thickness 0.025 mm) to 2100 n/100 mm (0.125 mm thickness), the polyester film is the most resistant of the available.
  • Durability - characteristics of aging acrylic adhesive layer ensures long-lasting grip tape necessary both when installing and decorating. When the need to maintain long-term transparency strip is recommended to use a polyester, a transparent carrier layer in combination with the acrylic adhesive layer.
  • Thermal Resistance - In applications involving the effects of temperature (up to 175 ° C for 1 hour) polyester tape is most appropriate.
  • Rubber belt 616

Masking lithography - Rubber, red and transparent UPVC backing layer is optically semi-permeable, but photographically opaque. These features stable support layer and the adhesive layer causes the tape 616 is used in the lithograph.

Our offer also includes:

  • Kapton tape
  • tape termoprzewodzęce
  • Electrically conductive tape
  • and more ...




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