Velcro industrial

Invisible is a strong connection allowing multiple bonding. The perfect solution to fixing often removable components: access doors, hatches, panels. For mounting turnips do not need tools, no need to drill holes, no problems with corrosion.

Industrial Velcro Dual Lock

After tightening the Turnip Industrial 3M Dual Lock, followed by meshing of several hundred hooks "globe". The sound of "whack" means that the connection is blocked. Achieved excellent tensile strength, so that you can replace a lot of unsightly mechanical connections. Furthermore, this design allows you to open and close the Velcro Dual Lock hundreds of times.

  • a moisture proof
  • UV resistant
  • Solvent-resistant
  • excellent tensile strength
  • allows you to combine multiple
  • does not diffract
  • reduces noise and vibration
  • without adhesive Velcro can be sewn, stapled or bound fitted with ultrasound
  • velcro adhesive permits bonding at temperatures ranging from -29 ° C to 93 ° C
  • can combine different surfaces
  • can be used for mounting many species of rigid or flexible surface
  • available in black or transparent
  • simplifies construction components.
  • Velcro Industrial Scotchmate









Clamping. Detachment. Is not it simple? When your product requires repeat surgery tysiąckrotnego opening and closing Velcro Industrial Scotchmate is the perfect solution. Small stiff hooks mesh with flexible loops, which allows for quick attachment and allows you to shorten the time and reduce costs.

  • resistant adhesives for joining most plasticizers vinyl plastics,
  • available in flame retardant / resistant to UV
  • adhesive or sewn
  • Various types of adhesive layer
  • resistant to high and low temperature
  • resistant to most solvents and alkaline solutions
  • a moisture proof






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