Respiratory protection

Dangerous or harmful substances are absorbed into the human body through inhalation are a group of high-risk factors, becoming a cause of chronic diseases. Additional risk of occurrence of the working environment in the atmosphere of mixtures of different chemical compounds which react with one another may create a variable environmental conditions, even leading to an oxygen deficiency.

Therefore you employer should endeavor to ensure the working environment in such a way that the air inhaled by humans was breathable. This condition is met when at the same time:

  • the amount of pollutants included in the breathing air is below the Maximum Admissible Concentrations determined for these substances,
  • the oxygen content is above the breathing of 19%,
  • Breathing air temperature corresponds to a maximum permissible temperature for physiological, which can work in man.

It is divided into two basic groups of threats to the respiratory system:

  1. Polluted air (the presence of harmful substances in the form of: aerosols, gases, vapors)
  2. Oxygen deficiency (content below 19%).



These factors determine the way a group of respiratory protection. There are two methods of protection:

  • by purifying the air,
  • by supplying air or oxygen from a source of pollution-free



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